Natural cold and flu remedy

20130203-075723.jpgWith flu season here again, I thought I’d share one of my favorite home remedies to help knock out those pesky viruses.

I’m a pretty natural gal, and given the time I’ll always try a more natural approach if I can. That way my body gets even stronger by building up its own defenses.

My favorite, favorite, favorite way to knock out an oncoming cold it to take a lemon bath.

A friend of mine who grew up on an avocado farm near San Diego gave me this great tip about 15 years ago and it’s never failed to represent!

You take a whole lemon, preferably organic, cut it in half and squeeze the juice into a nice hot bath. Then you AND the leftover lemon rind hop in the nice hot lemon water for a long soak. If you have a sore throat, rub the warm, water soaked rind along your lymph glands starting at the base of your ears down to your chest. You only need to do this a few times to get things moving. And enjoy your bath.

Note: if you stay in super long, it might start to sting as all of your pores have opened up. It won’t hurt you, but it can be super duper uncomfortable. Trust me, get out. Don’t test your super hero powers by seeing how long you can stand it.

After you get out of the bath and collect all the rind and seed pieces for the trash, climb in bed for a long nap. You’ll be amazed when you wake up! You’ll either wake up drenched in sweat, or feeling markedly better. And if you wake up soaking wet, put a towel down on your sheets, climb back in bed to go back to sleep and THEN you’ll wake up feeling even better. Almost everyone wakes up drenched in sweat after the lemon bath….it’s so weird!

It’s an amazing thing this lemon bath. It’s been know to turn colds around overnight and reduce the course of the flu by a few days. Personally I think it’s even prevented the full onset of the flu a few times by catching it early enough! And you can try it with the kids too.

Hope it helps.
Let me know if you try it and what your results are.



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