Confession #102

I’ve undertaken a very scientific experiment over the last 2 weeks. Very technical. Very detailed.

It’s a clinical trial and the subject matter is food.

Since I though it would be fun, I was the “patient”.

Normally I only eat organic and non-GMO foods, but also no dairy, no grains, and no refined sugars.

That means when we go out I generally abstain from eating a lot of the foods that are available to me. Of course I’ll eat non-organic foods when I’m out – I’m not that much of a douche bag.¬† But I do stay away from grains, dairy and refined sugar.

I certainly don’t make it the host’s problem and I never say, “oh, no – I don’t eat that.” I hate it when people tell me that at my parties!

But it does mean that at a typical kids birthday party I indulge in a bottle of water and maybe some fruit¬† or veggies if they’re available.

Recently I decided to fore-go my typical style of eating and eat all food offered to me at parties and social gatherings and such. Kind of letting loose because it summer and all.

Why deprive myself of such wonderful things as pizza, cake and ice-cream?! It can’t be that bad. I used to eat this stuff all the time. I bet I won’t even notice a difference.

OMG, I feel like crap.

I need a nap every day.

I’ve gained 6 lbs.

This experiment is OVER!